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At Cazador Consulting Group we know a company is only as great as its people. By understanding your organizational culture, mission, and strategic goals, we are able to deliver the right people. Our talent trusts us when we tell them we have an opportunity that they will love, and our clients know that when we say we’ve found the right match, we deliver a professional poised to make a positive impact. Partner with Cazador to find talent that can transform your business. 

We Know How to Reach the Talent You Need

Why pay for high-cost individual job boards?
Why waste time sifting through resumes and screening the wrong candidates?
Why wait for the right candidate to stumble across your website’s career page?
Why hire without a guarantee?

At Cazador Consulting, we know your time is precious. We strategically hunt out the candidates who are highly qualified for your unique positions. We can save you from the headaches and wasted time of doing it yourself and match you with the top talent that can transform your business.

flexible hiring solutions to fit your needs

Cazador Consulting Group is a staffing and temp agency based in Bakersfield, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. with a variety of hiring options, we have the solution to best fit your needs. 

Executive Placement/
Direct Hire

When you are looking for exceptional professional or leadership talent or need a new full-time employee, the right match matters. Our team sources, vets and qualifies candidates, presenting you only the top tier for consideration. We focus on total alignment between the candidate and your organization.

To Hire

Temp To Hire allows you to evaluate an employee on the job before committing to hiring. This is also a great option if you are trying out a new role in your company. When the contract terms are complete, the individual can be hired directly.


Fulfill short- or long-term projects without adding to your overhead. Choose the temporary or project option when you're facing tight timelines, hiring freezes, projects with pre-defined end dates, or lack of fund allocation to hire permanently.

Hire with Confidence — Our Guarantee for Direct Hires

30 Days

If the you under the terms of the Direct Hire Staffing agreement terminate employment within 30 calendar days for any reason other than a substantial change in job assignment duties or the employee quits, Cazador Consulting Group will replace the employee at no charge or provide a full refund.

90 Days

Should the employee leave or is terminated between days 31 and 90, Cazador will replace the employee for free or a prorated refund will be given.

1 Year

Should the employee leave or is terminated between day 91 and 1 year, Cazador will replace the employee at 50% of your initial investment.

Why Choose Cazador?

We know you’re busy. Skip the headaches and the costly job boards. We will hunt out the most well-aligned candidates for you. Our goal is to support you and your organization and be a valuable long-term partner for your recruitment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Talented people are tough to find. Making the perfect match is what we do. Cazador can help you hire faster and more efficiently. You can stop fielding applications and start evaluating the top candidates. 

We can often find you work fast, and work with great companies who may not be posting their positions elsewhere. We may also be able to make a job match that you didn’t even consider by matching your skills to opportunities in other industries. Or maybe you just need help getting started.

Temp-to-hire services allow employers to try out an employee for a provisional period. At the end of the agreed period, the employer may end the assignment or exercise the option to bring the employee on as an employee of the company. During the provisional period, Cazador Consulting Group acts as the employer of record.

With Direct Hire services, Cazador facilitates the recruitment process. After an offer is accepted, the candidate goes directly onto the client’s payroll and are never an employee of Cazador.

Cazador Consulting Group specializes in office, administrative and executive positions in many industries, including:
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Banking Operations
  • Mortgage
  • Administrative
  • Customer Support

Yes, we can place someone for a short as one day. 

Our standard background check includes proof to work in the United States, previous work history, along with any criminal background. We can also administer drug tests by request. 

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If we missed anything, please give us a call at 877-800-4622. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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